Friday, September 16, 2011

I was Blogged: Retro/Vintage Chic

Whoot! Whoot!
Happy Friday, all.  What a great day here - sunshine, crisp fall air, coffee & muffin with my DH, and when I got home...discovered that I've been blogged at Ideas for Scrapbookers
Pam Callaghan has been running a series called Scrapbook Styles, and today's post includes 3 of my layouts from this summer.  Pam created a new style niche on her list for my style, which has been christened Retro/Vintage Chic.
Here are the l/o's that are shown, and an excerpt  from the post:

This is what Pam said:
When deciding on a style it was a apparent that Fran was Vintage AND Retro Chic. So, we combined the names to come up with a new style.  Fran displays a lot of vintage influences in her pages. Check out the old classic photos she uses and embellishments and other items like classic roses, scroll frames, and vintage letter. I really love the use of these elements. You can also get an idea of the retro influence in Fran's style in her first page with the use of and old police car and aqua with red polka dots. She also added some letters which fit more of the retro look. Overall I Fran has a unique style and beautiful style!
I've been learning that style takes our hand and leads us where it wants to go.   I have to admit that I've been wondering what the heck my huge obsession with Retro was all about.  And now I shall be flying my Retro/Vintage Chic flag high! 
The world of scrapbooking is vast and wide - check out Pam's list of Scrapbooking Styles at  her  blog, Ideas For Scrapbookers.  The site is well worth a visit, as it is replete with wonderful tips, techniques and templates for scrapbookers of all sorts, and articles too.
Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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