Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For the Record: Retro Days 3

I'm fascinated with the way time has speeded up recently. Seems like you just get dressed and then  it's time to put on your pajamas and go back to bed again. Or is that just me?
But in My Little Town, time is gracious and stately.  There's a beautiful century house by the water, with a black rotary-dial telephone....and it still works!

Yes, the telephone still works!
So the receiver weighs a few pounds and talking into it is like speaking into a medieval device...it is still communication! It makes me realize how much time we spend (waste?) on the phone back in the Real World.
Here's a close-up of the patterned paper and the embellishments from For the Record:

We spent a very pleasant few weeks here last summer.  Long, luscious days when my whole to-do list was just one item:
 Buy an onion.

Time spent in My Little Town soothes all the frayed nerves and jagged edges.  When I'm here, all is right with the world.  It's  good for the soul to spend some time like this.
It's not that I wish to live in the past, but I do love the retro thing, and there are some fantastic pp lines available right now.  
Thanks for looking!  
Have a wonderful day, and if you have a spare nannosecond, I love reading your sweet comments.

Crate Paper:  Emma's Shop
Stickers: For the Record 
Book Page: Glitz Designs

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