Sunday, July 24, 2011

Retro Days

I have been on a real retro roll this summer.  
The 50's colours and the simplicity of the patterned paper available recently are completely perfect for my photos from last summer, spent north of here in a beautiful little town on the lake.

Because my whole theme for this series is simplicity, I purposely kept everything extra-simple, and stayed away from lavish embellishments.
Summer is my favourite time of year.  This layout is a small collection of summer symbols for me.  I chose a photo of my favourite ballet flats, (which just happened to match the red patterned paper).  Walking down the shade-dappled sidewalks of town always makes me feel happy - as if I am in another world, where time is slower and the days have a certain grace to them.
There is a photo of my husband at the Friday-night Cruise, standing beside a very spiffy and shiny vintage blue car. And there's a b&w photo of me beside the sesquicentennial banner at the top of Main Street.
I'll be posting the rest of my retro series over the next little while.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Nice! So happy and upbeat! You know how much I love retro as well! Keep them coming!